The White List

This white list is a list of toys we would highly recommend. If you have some spare cash that you just have to spend, we would definitely recommend any one of these.

Hitachi Magic Want (50$)

The Hitachi is considered, by many, to be the mother of all vibrators. Its a bit big, its not quite quiet and it is a bit intimidating but it certainly packs a punch. Just holding the head of the wand for too long is enough to get your fingers tingling, a large number of women find the vibrations too powerful to be placed directly on the clit and, unlike other vibrators that give no more than a slight shiver, the Hitachi can easily provide a series of orgasms… provided you can actually handle it.

Hitachi Extensions

The Hitachi magic wand also has a large number of attachments. These can make for a wonderful addition as they can facilitate the use of the wand in bondage.

Source : License : Creative Commons
Source : – License : Creative Commons

Japanese Clover Clamps (20$)

If you’re into hurting your partner’s nipples, Japanese clover clamps are just what you need. Unlike other clamps which will slip off fairly easily, clover clamps hold a tighter grip as you pull on them. A bit too painful for some, if you’re in the market for clamps that you can’t ignore, that won’t fall off and that are certainly stylish, these are exactly what you are looking for. Kink Industries makes a great set of these but others are probably equivalent


Electrosex (100$+)

Electrosex has to be placed in a category of its own. It can provide a variety of sensations and can be used in various locations of the body. If you know how to use it adequately, it can induce very pleasant stimulation in one instant and a very uncomfortable one another. Essentially, it’s perfect for BDSM

What makes electrosex even more unique is it’s ability to be used in a variety of very controlled bondage predicaments. Slowly turn it up as your partner squirms with no possibility of escaping the electrodes or give your sub “control” over the stim with a scenario like the Abdominal Predicament.