Make me Quiet

Gags are the very icon of bondage. The red ball gag, featured in many BDSM pinups and porn flicks, easily finds its way amongst most enthusiasts’ collection of bondage toys. And rightfully so! Its a wonderful thing to pretend you can’t understand your sub as they try to enunciate clearly around the ball gag, just as wonderful as it might be to bight down on the rubber ball when your Dom gets a little rough.

Although ball gags are a pack of fun, they are not the only gags available. Check out wikipedia for a great list of every gag available on this planet or run down to your local sex shop!

Gags in bondage

Although gags are a lot of fun, there are two factors to consider. The ability for the Sub to breathe and the ability for him/her to call out a safeword. The breathing issues caused by a gag can be mitigated by two simple ground rules.

  1. When your submissive has a gag, he/she shouldn’t leave your sight
  2. You should never use a gag when you’re feeling sick or when you’ve been drinking. If in doubt, don’t use one.

When it comes to your sub’s ability to use a safeword, it’s just a matter of using safewords of another form. A stone can be given to your sub for him/her to tap against a hard surface if the scene gets to be too intense. Another possibility is to agree upon a short tune your submissive can hum in order to inform you something is not quite right.

Gags in selfbondage

It’s unfortunate to say, but gags are not very welcome in self bondage. Should you be sick, your ability to breathe will be hindered and unless you can get free, will most likely cause your fatal end. The only way to mitigate this is to use a ring gag or a spider gag which are less likely to restrict breathing in any case. Unfortunately, if these types of gags are not your fancy, gags should be avoided altogether for self bondage use.