The Switch

This is a very simple project that is aimed at adding a new functionality to electrosex devices! The objective is simple, we want to add a switch inline with a set of electrodes. Doing so allows us to have the electrosex at a given power without any current being applied to the actual electrodes. However, once the switch is pressed, current is suddenly applied to the electrodes for as long as the switch is pressed. This makes it a perfect tool for electrosex related punishments where the objective is to make the submissive beg for the dominant not to hit the switch… again.

There may already be commercial solutions available to do exactly this… however we couldn’t find any. If you know of one, please let us know!

Before continuing your read, given that this project does involve electrosex, we recommend that you read our safety tips regarding electrosex.

The Project

The idea behind this project is simple: essentially, we’re going to make an adapter. The adapter, which has a switch on it, will plug into the power unit and the electrode itself will plug into our adapter. Sort of something like this:



Even though there are always two electrodes in electrostim, we only need to disconnect one of them to break the circuit. Therefore, one wire from the electrostim box will pass directly through the adapter and the other will pass through the push button on the adapter. Pushing the button will therefore close the circuit thus causing current to flow while releasing it will break it.

Although the idea (and circuit) is simple, we have yet to find an elegant way of going about it using easy to find parts. We currently have a prototype which is literally taped together and is far from being exemplary. Pictures of this prototype or hopefully of its next revision are soon to come.