Self Bondage Websites:

 Fetlife A community focused on a variety of alternate lifestyles. It has plenty of groups for bondage, self-bondage, latex… and everything else you can imagine.
 Likera A personal blog on everything fetish, including self bondage, latex, toys, pantyhose and fetishes in general.
 Bound Anna An website with numerous self-bondage scenarios. I would not recommend all of them! Use common sense and make the distinction between fantasy and reality.
 Gromet’s Plaza A central hub for bondage stories, self bondage stories, latex stories… and pretty much every other D&S fetish…
 The Bound Forum A great forum that is quite active. It’s a good place to post questions, suggestions, reviews or concerns if you feel like sharing with the community.

Bondage/Self-Bondage Pornography

 House of Gord This is simply a must-see if you’re into BDSM. Very creative and original work! Unfortunately, the owner, Jeff Gord, has now passed away.
 Chimera Bondage The only website (that we know of) that focuses on female self bondage. Interesting ideas.