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Latex, for the sake of fetish, belongs in a category of it’s own. The feeling, the smell and it’s look make the experience of wearing latex incredibly hot for both the wearer and the lucky on-looker(s). Some people will tell you that wearing latex is like being more than naked. Temperature changes are more intense, your sense of touch is heightened and the feeling of being exposed will, for many, increase when wearing form fitting clothing, especially when specific bits are exposed.

Latex may be hot, however, unlike its leather and PVC counter-parts, it requires a fair amount of maintenance and care if you want it to last a long time. The reason we have created this page is to communicate what we have learned over the years playing around in latex and with latex.

Buying Latex

Buying latex is a somewhat stressful due to its price-tag. You really want to get it right the first time around.

The first thing you want to figure out is whether you’ll be buying your latex online or whether you will be buying it locally. It goes without saying the buying the latex locally will usually cost a fair bit more, but you’re sure of what you’re getting and, in case you need repairs, you’ll also know where to go. If you’re willing to spend the extra pennies, it’s undoubtedly the stress-free option. Not to mention you get to try on a bunch of latex, allowing you to see first hand what suits your fancy and, on top of that, you’ll be supporting your local economy.latex1

When buying online, you’ll have to deal with the difficult dilemma of choosing the origin of your catsuit, When you finally land on a website that has a product that you find interesting, do your research on the website. First, look for reviews. If people have been scammed altogether, it will usually pop up in the first few pages of Google. If people love the product, it will also come up fairly quickly. Second, use Google’s reverse image search. Simply reverse search for the product picture and be surprised about what you will find. Either you’ll find the original source of the picture, from a high-end latex designer, either you’ll find other companies knocking off the product. If you realize the picture does not originate from your website of interest, run the other way and find another source.

One online source we have tried is LatexCatfish. They make a high quality product at an incredibly low price. All the pieces we have bought from them were perfect! The fit was good and the quality of the latex was the same as the latex we had bought from other sources. This being said, it’s important to note that we fit into fairly standard size charts and that our experience with fitting may not be the same as someone else’s.

Essentially, if you’re looking for latex, but you’re not willing to spent a whole chunk of your savings, a manufacturer like LatexCatfish might be the right choice for you. However, if you want a custom fit garment, we still recommend dealing with your local manufacturer to get your sizing in person and to follow-up on the fit once the garment is made.


Other things you need

When it comes to owning latex, you’re also going need a supply of silicon lubricant. It is available at any sex shop, at almost any pharmacy and even in grocery stores. It doesn’t come cheap, but when compared to the price of your new latex garment, it’s probably a measly price to pay. Buy the biggest bottle you can get, over the life of your garment, you’ll probably use it all, and then some. This will allow you to take advantage of “bulk” discounts. Once you have your bottle of lube, which will serve as a shiner, you’re ready to wear your latex for the first time.

Putting latex on

Latex can be extremely difficult to put on, especially if you’re dealing with full body, neck entry pieces. However, the trick to make it easier is fairly simple. First of all, before wearing you catsuit, turn it inside-out, put it on a hanger and hang it somewhere you can easily “work” on it. Using silicon lube, lubricate the entire inside of the catsuit. This will serve a dual purpose. First of all, this will prevent the latex from drying out and eventually ripping. Second, this will make getting the latex on much, much, much easier, also reducing the chances of it ripping and increasing the enjoyment you will derive out of sliding the latex on. Don’t be cheap! Put plenty of lube on the inside of the catsuit and make sure you don’t miss a spot.

Once you are done lubricating the inside of the catsuit, flip it outside-out before slipping it on. Be gentle and be patient and girls, watch those nails! No matter how experienced you are, putting latex on is a long process. Rather than trying to rush it, take it slow and enjoy as you slowly encase yourself in rubber.

Once the catsuit is on, it’s time to lubricate the outside of the catsuit! This is a whole lot more fun and a whole lot more sensual than lubricating the inside, but once again, it serves a dual purpose. Again, lubricating the latex prevents the latex from drying out and eventually ripping. Second, lubricating the outside is actually what makes the latex shine as much as it does. So once again, use generous amounts of lube and don’t stop until you look fabulous in your new latex outfit!

Maintenance and Cleaning

Once you’ve done the steps recommended for putting the latex on, most of the maintenance is done! It’s important to lubricate your latex between every use and right before putting it on is convenient due to how much easier it makes getting into it. Once you’re done wearing the latex, carefully peal it off your body and hand wash it with a gentle soap at most. Once you’re done washing it, hang it immediately. Leaving the latex bunched up will cause wrinkles to form… and they don’t go away. Once you’ve got your garment hanging, you’re ready to start the cycle over again next time you’re in the mood to wear latex!

That being said, it may be important to note the following:

  • Do not expose your latex to metals. They will react with the latex, causing obvious discoloration.
  • Do not leave your latex in sunlight. It will not only discolor the latex over time but will also weaken it.
  • Heat is not great for latex. I weakens the fabric. Latex shops will usually keep their latex in a very well tempered room. Extreme heat will destroy the latex.
  • Keep different colors of latex separate. Colors from one garment can impregnate another.
  • Do not let your latex wrinkle. Wrinkles will never go away. Always store your latex on a hanger.
  • Do not neglect lubricating the latex. Dried out latex is weak and much harder to put on.
  • Of course, mind the sharp objects. Almost any small hole in the latex will cause a huge, usually irreparable rip.

Get your latex on, have fun and play safe!