What is electrosex?

Electrosex, or electrostimulation is essentially the use of electricity for sexual stimulation. This can either be intentionally painful or intentionally very pleasant.

Why would anyone want to try electrosex?

First of all, electrosex is in no way shape or form the same as being shocked by a household power plug. It is much more controlled and much more pleasant. Unfortunately, until you’ve tried it, no other feeling can relate.

If you’re considering electrosex, you’ve probably already tried a few other sex toys out there. If you haven’t found anything intense enough for your likings, then electrosex will probably be the next step up. Used properly, it can deliver a shuddering orgasm, for both male and female, and immediately after, make for an amazing punishment implement. Some people like to compare it to a vibrator except that it is applied to a smaller location, delivers a much more intense feeling and is completely quiet… other than a few moans here and there.

Electrosex combines particularly well with bondage because of the fact that once the electrodes have been applied, it can actually be impossible for the submissive to get away from them. This makes electrosex perfect for forced stimulation, a variety of predicaments and, let’s not forget its potential for simple corporal punishment.

Is electrosex safe?

Electrosex can be dangerous. If you’re unlucky and not careful, it can be lethal. Therefore, great care should be taken when applying current to yourself or to your partner. However, it can be very safe if performed with basic ground rules:

  1. Only use devices that were designed for electrosex or electrostimulation. There are a ton of units out there, some of them costing as little as 30$. Please, don’t play with anything makeshift, unless you know exactly what you are doing.
  2. Make sure you use electrosex only below the belt. Doing so, in combination with having a proper unit, will ensure that current will not cross your heart.
  3. Always plug everything in and attach electrodes with the power off. When you’re done, make sure the power is off before removing the electrodes. Removing or applying an electrode with power on can be extremely painful.
  4. Go slow and communicate. Gain experience with the electrosex before trying some of the ideas proposed on this site. Once you’re comfortable, then you can start pushing the boundaries by combining electrosex with bondage/self-bondage.


Where do I get an electrosex unit?

Getting an electrosex unit is very easy and you have many options. You can pick one up at your local sex shop, although it will be pricey, you can get an actual TENs unit from some pharmacies or internet distributors or, if you’re looking to go cheap, you can find some low end electrosex units complete with electrodes on sites like ebay and DHGate. For a first unit, we would probably recommend doing the latter.

If you’re looking for a unit that is guaranteed to work, here is a short list of units we would recommend:

  • Zeus Delux Digital Power Box : Comes with a basic set of functions, is reliable and comes with a basic set of electrodes. Great for beginners, but you will outgrow it.
  • Erostek ET312B : This unit is considered by many to be the Cadillac of electrosex units. Check out their website for more details.
  • Given that we don’t want to falsely advertise units that are not up to the task, we’d like to have your input as to which unit you use in order to make this list grow. If you’re willing to share you can contact us anonymously!

 Understanding Electrosex

This section is for those of you who want to understand a few details regarding electricity and the safety there of. This section will also help understand the nuances which differenciate high-end units from cheap units and will give a better understanding of the physiological interaction that electrosex has with the human body.

Half-Truth : Current Kills, not Voltage

This is true, but it’s a cover all statement that is used WAY too often. It is often used to make people fear everything and anything can can deliver lethal currents… which includes your watch battery… This makes no sense and definitely needs to be cleared up, at least amongst kinksters! Ultimately, current across the heart is what will kill you. However, in order to drive current across a resistive load (the human body) a certain voltage has to first be applied. Essentially, you need both high current and high voltage in order for a power source to be lethal.

Therefore, even a 12V car battery does not have the potential to kill a human being who touches its terminals. In fact, unlike the claims made in Hollywood movies, being hooked up directly to a car battery will do… nothing. Not even a tingle. As a general rule of thumb, anything below 48V is considered safe for a human to touch, regardless of the output current capabilities of the device.

However, you do have to be careful. A watch battery could potentially be hooked up to a step up converter who’s role will be to increase the voltage significantly. If this form of circuit is applied to the body, you will feel more than just a tingle, even if its only powered by a watch battery. A great example of this would be a pranked shocking pen which you’ve surly come across at some time. And yes, used incorrectly with a weak heart, a shocking pen could be lethal…

When it comes to electrosex, all stim units will have some form of step-up circuit driving high voltages at reasonable currents. It’s what allows it to pass enough current through the body for us to feel it. Therefore even if the stim unit is battery powered, do not be fooled, incorrect use could have lethal consequences.

Unit Certifications:

CSA, UL, ULC, etc are all certifications that are designed to guarantee the safety of high voltage devices. For example, they ensure that shorts will not cause fires, that high voltage parts are well enclosed, that the unit’s power factor is above a certain threshold, etc. Although electrostim units may be certified in some cases, these standards do not guarantee your safety from a medical point of view.

The only certification that verifies that the unit is safe from a medical perspective is the 60601 certification. However, because this norm is very strict, you will have difficulty finding any sex toy manufacturer that actually complies to them. Medical tens units, however, have to if they wish to be used in clinics and hospitals.

All this to say that given the very low industry standards that exist regarding electrosex toys and given the fact that most sex toys are sold under a ‘novelty’ label, there is very little being done to protect consumers of this type of product. For this reason, keep yourselves informed or stick to clinical units.


Isolation is the main focus of most electrical safety certifications. When we speak of electrical isolation, or galvanic isolation, we are referring to the fact that a circuit is completely independent from another, meaning that no stray current can flow from one circuit to another through a single point of contact. Take two batteries for example. Two batteries disconnected from each other are naturally isolated. No matter how you touch a single wire from one battery to another, current cannot flow through that wire. The current can only flow from the positive of one battery to the negative of the same battery. This becomes very important when dealing with electrostimulation. You want current to flow from one electrode of a set to the other electrode of the same set and no where else.

There are two places isolation you want isolation in a stimulation unit:

You absolutely want your electrodes to be isolated from mains AC. This guarantees that electricity can only flow from the unit to the unit. If the unit is not isolated from mains AC, this means current could flow through an alternate path found through contact with most appliances. For example, if your hands were to come in contact with a lamp stand while you were stimming your genitals, a new current path would find its way through your genitals, torso, heart, arm and hand. This would likely be fatal and cannot be allowed to happen. Therefore, you should never use a unit that is not isolated from mains AC, under no condition. Battery operated systems are naturally isolated, anything that plugs in could be isolated, or not. This is the main concern of the 60601 certification referred to previously. Please note that the output of a home stereo system is not isolated. If you’re into stereo stim, be sure to use a transformer on its output to provide proper isolation for safety sake.

Another place you would like isolation is from channel to channel. This will ensure that the current only flows from one electrode of a set to another electrode of the same set. Most cheap units do not provide isolated channels, therefore current may flow across the channels when using more than one set of electrodes. This is not a problem, as long as the unit is used below the waist. If you use the estim unit above the waist, you absolutely want the unit to be isolated from channel to channel in order to ensure there are no unexpected current paths running through the heart.


All in all, electrosex is one of our favorite means of stimulation. If you haven’t tried it, we strongly recommend you do!

Have fun and play safe!