Health & Safety

If there’s one thing that’s important in bondage or in self-bondage, it’s the well-being of those who partake in it. Many sites and blogs stress the idea of safety. Of course, safety can never be stressed enough, but we often forget the incidence that general health will have on the safety and quality of our bondage play. This page briefly covers both subjects.


First and foremost, six rules of thumb for bondage and self-bondage:

  1. Always be aware of your partners consent and be aware that it can change. It’s never wrong to speak candidly with your sub to make sure he/she is actually enjoying the experience.
  2. You should only perform bondage if you are feeling well, both mentally and physically. If in doubt, wait for a better day.
  3. There is a one minute rule to bondage. Before adding to bondage, consider the time that it will take to remove it. If it will take more than a minute to get out of bondage, it should not be make any more stringent. Most of the time, simply having a pair of scissors nearby will be sufficient to ensure this. This includes self-bondage.
  4. Make sure communications are open and use two safe-words. One to slow things down and another for immediate release. If speaking is not a possibility, give your submissive something to hold. Dropping it should be considered equivalent to calling for an immediate release. If performing self-bondage, this translates into having a means for immediate release.
  5. Sex and alcohol are often considered to go together. Bondage and alcohol does not. If you drink, do so in moderation. Drugs should be out of the question.
  6. There are two elements required for survival in the short term: air and water. You have to be constantly aware of your submissive’s ability to breathe and, if partaking in extending bondage scenes, keep a water bottle nearby that can be offered to your sub once in a while. This also applies to self-bondage. Never obstruct your airways and, when dealing with extended self-bondage, make sure you drink a lot throughout the day to avoid possible dehydration. If doing self bondage, do not use anything remotely tight around your neck. It only takes slight pressure to compress your carotid artery causing unconsciousness and, unless removed, death. Use collars with great care when doing self bondage.

If you would like to see something added to this list or if you’d like to see it modified, feel free to contact us

Although these elements are essential to the safe, sane, consensual mantra, they do not suffice. In the end, you’ll have to use your common sense and remember not to push limits to quickly or too far.


Bondage can be a great health motivator due to the fact that to enjoy it to its fullest, you need to care for your general well-being. Intense bondage requires you to be fit. To enjoy bondage for a better part of your life, you’ll also need to stay healthy. On top of all this, being mentally stable is a must, for both you and your partners safety and happiness.

Here are five simple guidelines to help you enjoy more intense bondage sessions for the better part of your life.

  1. Exercise : Reserve a minimum of two hours in your week for some sort of physical activity. If you have trouble sticking to an activity, then take advantage of that and sign up for something new every month or two!
  2. Stretch : Take a moment to stretch every morning or night. This will help keep your spine happy, which is central to your well being.
  3. Eat well : Preparing three meals a day is very time consuming and its importance is neglected by many. For this reason, the fast food industry thrives. Take the time to feed yourself adequately and if you go out regularly, choose your poison wisely. That being said, don’t go crazy! Eating is still supposed to be fun.
  4. Drink : We tend to forget the importance of water. Get in the habit of carrying around a bottle or, if you can, have a glass at your desk while you work. If you’re used to being in a state of dehydration, you’ll be amazed by the difference drinking water can make in regards to your mental awareness.
  5. Hobbies : Time is limited, so don’t let one thing consume it. This goes for work, a relationship and even a kink related lifestyle. Variety is usually one of the many keys to happiness.

All of these elements will have an effect on both your physical and mental well being. Although we live in a buzz of electronic chatter where people are pushed to go faster, we cannot forget that we are still human and that we have needs of our own. Take some time to care for yourself, its important.

In the end, this article sums up to a single phrase:

Have fun and play safe!