Coming updates:

Ok! Ok! We’ve gotten a bunch of emails asking about the mouse trap device for the “Second Mouse” scenario┬áthat’s no where to be found on the website. When we put together the scenario, we had a rather complicated knot in mind. It used two drilled dowels, four sets of ropes and, any mistake would lead to it malfunctioning. We just didn’t feel comfortable sharing it in this state nor did we find any good way of showing how its done!

This being said, we’ve found a better alternative. As soon as it checks out, we’ll be posting about it!

Would you like to see one of your ideas posted on this website? Contact us! It can even be done anonymously.


Latest updates :

July 14th 2016

Wow! It’s been almost a year since our last update! We’ve been incredibly busy maintaining the vanilla aspects of our life! But fear not: we are back and we will try to update more often. We’ve just posted a new scenario in the scenarios for two. Its based on a rather competitive game that you are probably already familiar with. Check it out!

August 31rst 2015

We’ve just published a page on latex! We’ve tried making it your one stop shop for information regarding buying latex, wearing latex and maintaining latex! Whether you’re a first time buyer or whether you’ve been into latex for years, take a look! You might learn (or teach us) something new!

July 26th 2015

We’ve added in a new scenario. It’s an interrogation scene. The objective is to make it as realistic as possible withing a BDSM context. If you think you’ve got better ideas, let us know!

June 28th 2015

We’ve thrown in another scenario! Its a very different yet simple variation of a hogtie. Take a look!

June 14th 2015

We’ve finally added a new scenario! It’s very simple and it makes use of electrosex! You’ll find it in the scenarios posted here!

We’ve also posted a new project! It’s an electrostimulation accessory used by the scenario we have just posted. The page is still incomplete, however, updates for it will be coming soon.

June 11th 2015

We’ve just finished updating the our Bondage Bed project. Although we built this frame nearly a year ago, we’ve only just now posted pictures of it now. If you have any ideas, or if you’ve done something similar yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We’ve just written up a page on electrosex. It’s pretty basic and its still a work in progress. However, we’re looking for a list of devices we can recommend. Because we don’t want to recommend devices blindly without having first gotten feedback from our users, we’d like to have your take on the subject! Which device would you recommend?